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Reporting Bugs

Please file bugs in the GitHub Issue Tracker. Include at least the following:

  • What happened

  • What did you expect to happen instead of what did happen, if it's not crazy obvious

  • What operating system, operating system version and version of Syncthing you are running

  • The same for other connected devices, where relevant

  • Screenshot if the issue concerns something visible in the GUI

  • Console log entries, where possible and relevant

If you're not sure whether something is relevant, erring on the side of too much information will never get you yelled at. :)

Contributing Translations

All translations are done via Weblate. If you wish to contribute to a translation, just head over there and sign up. Before every release, the language resources are updated from the latest info on Weblate.

Note that the previously used service at Transifex is being retired and we kindly ask you to sign up on Weblate for continued involvement.

Contributing Code

Every contribution is welcome. If you want to contribute but are unsure where to start, any open issues are fair game! See the Contribution Guidelines for the full story on committing code.

Contributing Documentation

Updates to the documentation site can be made as pull requests on the documentation repository.


All contributions are made available under the same license as the already existing material being contributed to. For most of the project and unless otherwise stated this means MPLv2, but there are exceptions:

  • Certain commands (under cmd/...) may have a separate license, indicated by the presence of a LICENSE file in the corresponding directory.

  • The documentation (man/...) is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

  • Projects under vendor/... are copyright by and licensed from their respective original authors. Contributions should be made to the original project, not here.

Regardless of the license in effect, you retain the copyright to your contribution.